A Dream

I just found this little piece that I wrote way back and used it to mark my place in a book. It had no dates but I’d guess that I wrote it sometime in late 2010 or early 2011 –judging from the little lists and the rent reminded I scribbled on the other side of the paper. I had a very emotional morning. I find that when I had such moments


It was about mid-day. I couldn’t help but wonder why the sun wasn’t out; and in vain because everyone around thought it was as normal as it gets. The air was filled with silence but the annoying, resounding echo in your ears…. I gently walked the street of gray wondering where I was and how I got there. The thoughts in my head kept screaming questions: what happened to everyone? What happened to the sun, laughter and energy… had everyone in my world become zombies sealed to a fate of gloom? Words couldn’t come out of my mouth even if I tried…. Then as if in defiance to my questions, the trees shook violently and the leaves fell gently until the branches lay bare. It was an unending story till I forced myself to be a sedated zombie too and days turned to months and centuries….

It was mid night, walking the path I’d threaded a million times. Starring into the sky, I was now sure the escape that lay up there was now shut forever. My gaze turned straight ahead of me. Then I heard something – a whisper. Not the echoes I was now used to, but a soft melodious alien language. I listened again…”beiñe” and I looked up. Almost immediately there was a surge of blinding light and I shut my eyes in response. Then again…”beiñe” and when I opened my eyes a second time, I saw it. A radiance untold, morphing into shapes I couldn’t describe. Most of all feelings that surged in- some long buried and others oh so new! And a promise, an escape, all hope… I reached out and my feet lifted from the ground, slowly and slowly the tension heightened until I touched it. I felt the layers fall, I could almost talk again.

Slowly and slowly breathing every moment. The grounds shook and feelings exploded. I lost my grip and began to fall back… the light faded and I fell. I fell back and opened my eyes and I was lying next to you, in your arms.

Then I smiled.


To Grandpa.

Sunday July 31st 2011

6wells on each side, 4seeds in each well
The rightmost well is my favorite
1,2,3,4….and again1,2,3,4,5….
“play smart and everything turns out right”
Waiting for a set of four, when I make a dive
Someday I’ll win you, make you proud
I am smart, I beat the other kids already
They told me look there to the cloud
I’ll learn your tricks, come up slow and steady

I turn my gaze to the olive tree behind
Bearing likeness with you in character
Years go by and it stands still watching, unchanging
When the kids came by, it offered it’s fruits…..
It’s seeds- the game of Dara ever engaging
I could build you a mansion from all the seeds I have won
Same seeds I plucked, braised and collected
Lessons you taught me since I was born
When you took me, loved me, kept me protected

a journey